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An Evening With Terence Carroll
By David F. Duncan, DrPH, FAAHB

NAPHP honors its long time President at APHA National Meeting
The NAPHP sponsored "An Evening with Terence Carroll," our President, on Sunday, November 7th at the Washington Renaissance Hotel, in conjunction with the American Public Health Association's annual meeting. The "Evening" was held in the Renaissance Hotel's Congressional Hall and featured Pres. Carroll sharing reminiscences of his eventful life with the attendees.
Following time for the audience to gather and to avail themselves of the cash bar, the Evening's presider, Dr. David Duncan, asked Terry to tell his audience how he came from being a historian to become public health activist. Terry explained that after completing his masters in history at Columbia, he joined the staff of the Detroit Historical Museum as Curator of Industrial History. Soon after joining the museum he organized a special exhibition on the City's experience with industrial health. It was during the development of that exhibit that he first became interested in public health and prevention issues.
Later, seeking better income than a museum curator could earn, he took a position as Assistant to the Managing Director of the Michigan Credit Union League. His work for the Credit Union League led to an amusing encounter in which he got the best of some FBI agents over access to and control of the records of a failed credit union. This is a story you should ask Terry to tell you if you ever meet him.
When the Credit Union League became owner of the failing League Life Insurance Company, he became its Executive Vice President and CEO. He set records for increased volume of insurance sold, increased premium income, and lowest ratio of expense to earned premiums while in this position. His service in this position probably makes him unique among both among labor activists and public health activists in having held such a senior corporate management position in the insurance industry.
Terry subsequently became Director of the National Institute on Rehabilitation and Health Services and during this time he was elected President of the District of Columbia Public Health Association. He later returned to the Detroit area as Executive Director of the Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Southeastern Michigan, one of the nation's largest comprehensive health planning agencies..
In 1973 he succeeded Prof. Milton Terris as the second President of the National Association for Public Health Policy, a position he has been repeatedly reelected to since that time. He also serves on an unpaid basis as Treasurer of the Ferndale Cooperative, the nation's largest consumer cooperative, which operates a credit union, housing for seniors, the handicapped and low-income families, and home improvement programs.

Terry lived up to his reputation as a charming and humorous raconteur, keeping his audience entranced well past the official ending of the evening's ninety minute session. In all, the Evening with Milton Terris was an enjoyable tribute to one of the nation's leaders in advocacy for public health policy.

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